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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The space was designed for artistic and wellness gatherings rather than private celebrations. We prioritize audiovisual experiences and welcome artistic installations and performances, as well as any other suggestions you may have. Please send us a brief description of your event and we will discuss the details to keep the vision in check. We can all work together to make this a memorable occasion.

We encourage no shoes and no alcoholic beverages, but we do accept them for an additional fee. You can sell tickets above the space capacity on your behalf, but you must provide a security agent to manage the flow at the entrance (with a clicker in hand).

If you choose to have alcoholic beverages, you must have a license.

All events have a maximum duration of 5 hours.

You will have access to the space two hours before it starts.

We supply the audio equipment or wireless headphones (max 32).

Privacy & Safety

So far, we haven't had any problems disturbing the neighbors. We are in a commercial building, so we have permission to host events, but they do not allow any beverage (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) outside of the space. We cannot have more than 100 people indoors for legal reasons and you are still liable for any excessive noise and damage to the space.

Price List

Event for a 20-person influx, (including the staff).

price 320,00$ - (100$ non-refundable deposit to reserve)

add 60,00$ shoes on

add 60,00$ bar (you handle the service or sell)

or add 150,00$ byob (guests bring their own)


Event for a 30-person influx, (including the staff).

price 420,00$ - (150$ non-refundable deposit to reserve)

add 100,00$ shoes on

add 100,00$ bar (you handle the service or sell)

or add 250,00$ byob (guests bring their own)


Event for a 60-person influx, (including the staff).

price 790,00$ - (200$ non-refundable deposit to reserve)

add 200,00$ shoes on

add 200,00$ bar (you handle the service or sell)

or add 500,00$ byob (guests bring their own)


Event for a 100-person influx, (including the staff). 

price 1590,00$ - (300$ non-refundable deposit to reserve)

add 300,00$ shoes on

add 300,00$ bar (you handle the service or sell)

or add 900,00$ byob (guests bring their own)



The calendar is open three months in advance, and we can adjust the price if you want to reserve more than one time. Once the date and capacity have been determined, we require a non-refundable deposit for any cancellations or date changes.

If you or one of your guests need a place to stay, you can reserve our secondary loft located nearby in the old port for a minimum of two nights.


Payment Methods

- E-Transfert :

- Offline Payments

- Check

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